YABHON-HMD is high performance, high maneuverability and high altitude jet engine target. Powered by jet turbine, the airframe is capable of long endurance with high performance.


The target can be launched from shipboard or land with a conventional launcher system, no boosters [RATO] are required. The big internal volume allows to carry wide range of payloads like passive and active radar augmenters, smoke and infrared cartridges, miss distance indicators, low altitude flight devices, transponders.


YABHON-HMD is designed to be used as target for antiaircraft guns, surface-to-air missiles, air-to-air missiles.





3.38 m 11 ft
4.32 m 14.1 ft
0.66 m 2.18 ft
Empty weight
105 kg 231 lb
Max. take-off weight
220 kg 485 lb
Payload weight
25 kg 55 lb
Fuel tank capacity 110 lt 29 gallon



Flight Performance

Stall speed (sea level) 162 km/h [45 m/s] 87 kt
Cruise speed 450-648 km/h [125-180 m/s] 242-349 kt
Operating  speed 0.55 -0.67 mach    
Maximum speed 800 km/h [222 m/s] 432 kt
Climbing rate (sea level)   [30 m/s]  
Endurance 60 min    
Ceiling (practical) 8000 m   26200 ft
Ceiling (theoretical) 9500 m   31100 ft



3.38 m 11 ft


4.32 m

14.1 ft


0.66 m 2.18 ft
Transportation Dimensions 3.26 x 1.08 x 0.46 m 10.6 x 3.55 x 1.5 ft



Wide range of payload sensors including:



IR flares.

Passive or active radar augmenters

Luneberg lens.