The following message from the Chairman of ADCOM SYSTEMS

To: Aviation Authority 27 October 2015
Mission Statement
  The following message from the Chairman of ADCOM SYSTEMS is hereby released in order to state The Companies policies and to provide a corporate overview of our company. ADCOM manufacture unmanned aircraft used in a variety of uses including Military, Environmental and research.  
All our products, including drones and UAVs (specifically our MALE United-40 & 50), are designed and manufactured to be fully compliant with international design and operational safety standards, whilst adhering to Arms control measures including  ITAR and MTCR restrictions globally. It therefore follows that we only accept business relationships with compliant countries that must provide verified end user information..  
Whilst ADCOM is also engaged in its own private research, development of advanced performance designs.. Such R&D activity is purely to push boundaries and to develop future technologies and concepts. Such products are not for general sale or export. 
Our products are designed and manufactured to be fully compliant with the international safety standards, including CS23 & NATO STANAG and we will adopt any international standard once implemented for such categories of Unmanned Aircraft. 
To ensure the performance of the UAS is kept within ITAR/MTCR regulations post-delivery the use of inbuilt software and hardware ensures continued compliance; this is especially with respect to range and payload. End users are prevented from making changes to the Aircraft by use of software embedded within the ground control station and on board systems monitoring. The operating range is restricted by both hardware and software, line of sight restricts range to 240km and even if commanded by Satellite range remains electronically limited to 240km.
ADCOM SYSTEMS aim is to be a world leader in UAS design & manufacturing:
- We are expanding our activity world-wide to capture the markets globally whilst adhering to strict end user protocols. We underline that the company will not deal with countries who fail to recognise International trading standards or those who abuse commonly accepted UAV operation rules and regulations. 
- ADCOM has set up the scheduled opening of the service centres in Europe and is selecting other countries which evidence maturity in UAS usage.  A UK based manufacturing company has also been established.
- At ADCOM we are committed to raising awareness and to setting standards; by opening a dedicated training centre and sponsoring higher education courses we aim to raise awareness amongst our end user communities in order to promote safe and responsible UAS employment. 
-  ADCOM SYSTEMS is launching an international UAV association, which belongs to no specific country, but whose purpose is to unite UAV manufacturers and end users in order to standardise the industries output standard and operating guidelines.  This fast developing industry will benefit from the open and conscious exchange of scientifically grounded information and working experiences gained by the members. 
   The marketing and sales strategy of ADCOM SYSTEMS is to design and manufacture high-end Unmanned Air Systems fully compliant with international regulations. Competing with the US, Israel, Europe and the Far East we carefully monitor all applicable restrictions and regulatory changes for our products and make sure that ADCOM UAS meet them at all times.
ADCOM SYSTEMS has been engaged in the defence industry for over twenty years, as a reputed company whose objective is to be a public entity listed on the stock market.   ADCOM has no intention whatsoever to be associated with anyone who disrespects the internationally adapted restrictions. We ensure that all our business activity in foreign countries is legally established within the framework of internationally set laws (including ITAR/MTCR/etc). All existing regulations are complied with and we are ready to incorporate any further restrictions and limitations imposed onto our products where necessary.
Ali Al Dhaheri
About ADCOM Systems

    ADCOM SYSTEMS is a large business group of companies, engaged in diversified business activities which include but not limited to manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aerial targets, air traffic control radar systems (ATCRS), and advanced communication systems. ADCOM SYSTEMS was founded 20 years ago, and since then it has grown up to a group of more than 20 leading companies in the region.
    The main offices of ADCOM SYSTEMS are located in Industrial city of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), Mussafah Area of Abu Dhabi. The group is managed by an experienced multi-national team of professionals administering over 600 employees. Also ADCOM SYSTEMS has branches all over the world.
ADCOM SYSTEMS takes great pride of its accomplishments and its government encouraging "made in the UAE" technology and products.     

ADCOM SYSTEMS Is Saving Lives in Forest Fire Fighting

    For over 20 years ADCOM SYSTEMS has been engaged in unmanned aviation design. From the first steps we took in the early 90s to today our team of top professional engineers and scientists has been motivated to direct the unmanned aviation technology to serve humanity in dealing with danger. The company chooses to save life instead of endangering it. We have been looking opportunities to apply the latest scientific achievements to civil defense. During the Dubai Airshow 2013 ADCOM SYSTEMS presented its innovative UAV Global Yabhon designed for the forest fire fighting.
    The Global Yabhon is equipped with two turbo prop engines providing continuous 24 hour operation in remote or heavy haze areas. The central hold has a capacity of eight tons designed to carry liquid chemicals for fire fighting. The designers included a sophisticated SAR system for timely and effective reaction in a fast changing fire environment. The detailed radar picture supplemented by thermal imaging data allows accurate and immediate response of by operator without risking life.
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