About ADCOM Systems

    ADCOM SYSTEMS is a large business group of companies, engaged in diversified business activities which include but not limited to manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aerial targets, air traffic control radar systems (ATCRS), and advanced communication systems. ADCOM SYSTEMS was founded 20 years ago, and since then it has grown up to a group of more than 20 leading companies in the region.
    The main offices of ADCOM SYSTEMS are located in Industrial city of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), Mussafah Area of Abu Dhabi. The group is managed by an experienced multi-national team of professionals administering over 600 employees. Also ADCOM SYSTEMS has branches all over the world.
ADCOM SYSTEMS takes great pride of its accomplishments and its government encouraging "made in the UAE" technology and products.     

ADCOM SYSTEMS Is Saving Lives in Forest Fire Fighting

    For over 20 years ADCOM SYSTEMS has been engaged in unmanned aviation design. From the first steps we took in the early 90s to today our team of top professional engineers and scientists has been motivated to direct the unmanned aviation technology to serve humanity in dealing with danger. The company chooses to save life instead of endangering it. We have been looking opportunities to apply the latest scientific achievements to civil defense. During the Dubai Airshow 2013 ADCOM SYSTEMS presented its innovative UAV Global Yabhon designed for the forest fire fighting.
    The Global Yabhon is equipped with two turbo prop engines providing continuous 24 hour operation in remote or heavy haze areas. The central hold has a capacity of eight tons designed to carry liquid chemicals for fire fighting. The designers included a sophisticated SAR system for timely and effective reaction in a fast changing fire environment. The detailed radar picture supplemented by thermal imaging data allows accurate and immediate response of by operator without risking life.
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